Doctor PC provides very inexpensive domain name hosting that anybody can afford.  Also, we can register your domain for as low as $15 per year. Other services that we provide include: domain parking, domain pointing, secure forms, web site design, computer sales and service


We have changed our reseller plan to make it a little more simple.

If you wish to resell our services, you may sign up in your own name and resell the service to another party by substituting your own name in the welcome messages and invoices and forwarding them to your customer. That way, you may add whatever markup you see fit. Please note: if you choose this method, you must choose to add new domains to your existing account. If you put in your client's billing information, your client will be billed by us, and you will have no way of adding your markup. (Unless you bill it separately)

If you simply wish to get a reseller or referral fee, but wish the customer to be billed by us at our rates, you may put your own domain name in the referral field (or have the new customer do it), and we will add one month to your existing account for each new customer who pays for one year of service. Please note: If your client in this situation is ordering a smaller account than your existing domain, we will bill those months at the difference between the cost of your service and the cost of theirs.

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