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GlobalCenter is a leading Internet backbone service provider. Over the past several years, GlobalCenter has been building the foundation for Nationwide Digital Distribution, which radically improves the reliability and speed of the Internet. As a digital distribution company, GlobalCenter handles 8.8 billion pageviews per month, translating into 1.8 billion hits per day and 1.26 million hits per minute. Today, GlobalCenter routes the world's top websites including Yahoo!, The Motley Fool, Electronic Arts,, News Alert, Pacific Bell at Hand, USA TODAY and more.

Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco provides the market with a broad range of end-to-end networking solutions that includes routers, LAN and ATM switches and network management software to name a few. More than any other company, Cisco Systems has been responsible for creating, enhancing and advancing the frontiers of IP internetworking technology. We are proud to say that our network is entirely switched and routed on Cisco's quality hardware.

Qwest is a cutting edge Internet communications company. The Qwest network is built with the industry's most advanced technologies. It offers 10 gigabit, OC-192 speed and is constructed on a self-healing SONET ring and 2.4 gigabit (OC-48) IP architecture. In the U.S., it reaches 18,815 miles and connects to 150 cities across the country. It also extends 1,400 miles into Mexico. Cables under the Atlantic Ocean connect to Europe, where they are joined with KPN, the Dutch Telecommunications Company, in a joint venture. KPNQwest is building a 9,100 mile European network that will connect 40 cities. Qwest also is part owner of the newest digital cables in Europe, TAT 14, which will also connect to the KPNQwest network. With this type of expansion in service, Qwest will remain an international leader in the ISP marketplace with unmatched speed, reliability and coverage.

Genuity, a division of GTE, is our third Tier One Internet backbone provider. Genuity provides excellent network performance as a result of high-speed peering arrangements with other Tier One Internet backbone providers. The GTE global network delivers customers directly onto the Internet via a high-speed connection to its private, super-capacity backbone, including 17,000 miles of fiber and OC192 capacity. It is comprised of more than 800 U.S. local access points and approximately 1,500 international local access points in more than 150 countries.

Cardservice International is an independent credit card processor and an Internet communications company that offers a complete range of traditional and Internet consumer payment options.

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