Doctor PC provides very inexpensive domain name hosting that anybody can afford.  Also, we can register your domain for as low as $15 per year. Other services that we provide include: domain parking, domain pointing, secure forms, web site design, computer sales and service


Doctor PC offers inexpensive hosting that virtually any size company can afford. If you don't own your domain name yet, please feel free to go to our Domain Name Registration section and you can register your name. Our registration fees are also very competitive.

We provide the highest quality in web hosting around the globe. Your site can be placed on our lightning fast servers with 24 hour monitoring and all the features you need for a cost that anyone can afford. We have a bandwidth-on-demand connection with Frontier Global Center (FGC). FGC is a Tier 1 provider, servicing such giants as Yahoo and Netscape. We are linked to FGC by a fiber optic cable, making it unnecessary to link to the Internet through an OC3 or T3 telecom circuit. That means, we are not linked to the backbone ~ because we are on the backbone!

Our success has been based on a good relationship with our customers and attention to detail. We welcome you to Email Us and we will address any of your questions as quickly and as helpfully as possible.

We have expanded our offerings somewhat based upon customer feedback. We now offer a 100MB package as well as an email only package.

Doctor PC's Hosting & Registration Policies

  1. We will not tolerate spam. If your account is involved in the sending of spam, there will be a $100.00 charge for every valid complaint we receive.
  2. In the event of payment being made by an invalid or stolen credit card, there will be a $10.00 charge, and in the event of a stolen card, we track IP addresses and will prosecute these activities. The same charge will apply to any chargeback after your credit card has been processed, in addition to the original charge.
  3. All Domain Name Registrations now must be paid by a valid credit card. We will no longer process registrations until they are paid. If you wish to pay by cheque or money order, please send us the payment and we will process the registration after the cheque has cleared.
  4. All Domain Hosting accounts being paid by cheque or money order must be for an annual term. Any shorter term must be paid by a valid credit card.
  5. All of our prices assume an annual contract. We cannot afford to offer prices this low on a short-term basis. If you are interested in a short-term hosting solution, please e-mail or call us and arrangements can be made.
  6. We cannot troubleshoot your HTML code or other problems unless they directly involve our servers or services.
This, in no way, is to imply that these are our only policies. This is in addition to, among others, our acceptable use policies already published on our site.

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